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Madagascar is unique. When the island splintered off from Africa (and later India) some 165 million years ago, it took with it the ancestral stock of what would gently evolve into one the most remarkable assemblages of animals and plants in existence. Many comment that visiting Madagascar is like passing through a ‘lost world’, or a ‘world out of time’ – a surreal place which although fast-changing, somehow embraces several centuries.
Unlike the 3 islands which exceed Madagascar in size (Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo), Madagascar’s climate is incredibly diverse. As a result, it is as if a few very different, strongly contrasting countries have been crammed into one giant island crudely shaped like a left foot.
Lush rain forests grace the permanently humid eastern region; fragile tropical deciduous woods cling to existence on the hot western plains, and in the semi-arid south is found the bizarre ‘spiny desert’, perhaps the island’s most extraordinary floristic domain.

The rate of endemicity among Madagascar’s plants and animals is staggering: just about everything you will see and touch while exploring the stunning national parks and nature reserves, is found nowhere else on Earth. While a great many of our island’s fascinating creatures are in danger of extinction, much is being done to conserve what remains of our natural heritage and any visiting wildlife enthusiast is in for a treat.

The 20 million Malagasy – a people internationally praised for their gentleness and charm – are divided into 18 tribes, many sub-tribes and numerous clans. United by language and by a rich, fascinating culture, the Malagasy constitute the world’s only Afro-Asian nation.

Madagascar offers unlimited opportunities for travellers today. With our assistance, you can explore a range of protected areas in comfort, or if light adventure is more your style, we can help you venture into spectacular wilderness areas well off the beaten track. Madagascar is also a superb destination for honeymooners. Idyllic beach and scuba diving venues abound. It will be our pleasure to ensure that you take in the most possible in terms of variety during the time you spend in Madagascar.